Sell Telomer Health Drinks at your Stores

It's very easy and will help to boost your store or shop!

You only need to buy our branded packaging, blend your fruits with our recipe and start selling Telomer Health Drinks at your stores or shops immediately.

There are no contracts attached, no fees, no hidden costs, or any other inconvenient surprise.

Telomer Health Drinks at your stores

What are the benefits for my business of selling Telomer Health Drinks?

The benefits of selling the Telomer brand at your stores or shops are:

  • Attract existing customers to visit and buy other products
  • Attract new customers to visit more often and sell additional products
  • Help to reduce fruit waste (1.7Billions pounds of waste in the UK a year alone)
  • Generate more frequent visits for your customers
  • Promote your stores and shops online with our Ads campaigns
  • Promote your stores or shops address to our Location Map
  • Generate more revenue by selling more of your fruits
  • Have an Innovative New Product at your stores or shops

Selling Telomer Health Drink in your stores is easy

Step by Step illustration of how to sell Telomer Health Drink at your stores or shops

Included when buying Telomer Branded Packaging

When you buy our branded packaging to sell your fruits at your stores, you are paying for all the following:

The brand Telomer Innovative, Active and Evolving
Paper 100% Recycled
Paper 100% Recycled
Branded Label
100% Recycled
Labels Applied
Cups are labelled
Recipes and Measurements
Tool kit and Guidance
Your store location in our map
We'll promote your store locally on our map and Online
Marketing Design, Development & Market Information around your Store
Multichannel Campaign
Multichannel Campaigns around your Store
Advertisement - Ads
Running Ads campaigns around your Store area
Services and company expenses
Running costs
Donations We donate to help. Click here to learn more.
Delivery The delivery of the items

Telomer Health Drinks Brand will help your business to boost the promotion and awareness of your retail stores at your stores and online. It will help your store to attract the existing and new customers. Also will help you to sell more fruits and other products and services.

Projection of direct and indirect business revenue: (approx figures*)

Direct Revenue

Cups Investment
10,000 x 1,3 = £13,000.00 GBP
10,000 x 5 = £50,000.00 GBP
Buy Cups
20,000 x 1,2 = £24,000.00 GBP
20,000 x 5 = £100,000.00 GBP
Buy Cups
30,000 x 1,2 = £36,000.00 GBP
30,000 x 5 = £150,000.00 GBP
Buy Cups

Telomer Health Drinks Retail Selling Guide

Download the Guide

Note: We will contact you after your orders to ask you where would you like to set up the address of your location/s. For the map location, marketing promotion and ads campaigns.

Labels have GS1 Barcodes

GS1 authentic, authorised GTINs and barcode numbers

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Please, don't hesitate in contact us if you have questions that are not answered here in our Frequently Asked Question section, or in our website.